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          Button switch
          Rocker switch
          Toggle Switches
          Pneumatic switch
          Reset switch
          Small door
          ADD: Shangyu town industrial park,Zhangzhe town
          P.C: 312363
          TEL: 0575-89286316
          FAX: 0575-89287795
          Website: www.individualhealthinsuranceplansjsh.com
          E-mail: hongfa@langyou.cn

               SHAOXING HONGFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD, city of Shangyu, lie Shangyu chapter town industrial park (by national road 104, Zhang Zhen high-speed road junction), it is one that specialize in carbon membrane potential device, switch series two enterprise of product. The company establishes production and management history that has already had more than ten years so far, the floor space is more than 1000 square meters, having certain capital and scale, the company introduces Spain's advanced technology, and has extensive exchange of technology and cooperates with the relevant university, thus create one's own brand ". Obtained the favorable comment of the trade company all the time for many years. The company has been already through ISO9001: 2000 quality system authentication , the switch passes CQC and UL American authentication , producing the electric potential device and switch more than 90 million every year, the products sell well in all parts of the world, well received by user. The company is totally according to ISO9001: implement the modernization to manage, have good prestige on quality and perfect service system of production and marketing in 2000 quality certification systems. The company will continue in line with this aim that " the customer's hope will be our pursuit " , make progress together with you.

          AddShangyu town industrial park,Zhangzhe town
          Tel: (0086)575-89286316 Fax: (0086)575-89287795 mail: hongfa@langyou.cn
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